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Objectives & Missions

The Masjid is exclusively a place of worship and a center created to educate and spread the true message of Islam whilst also serving as a constant reminder of the need to worship Allah alone, and as a warning against the danger of Shirk and Innovation. As Allāh says:

“And I (Allāh) created not the Jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone).” {51:56}

The Masjid adopts a middle course in all its affairs. Its activities are rooted in the teachings of the Qurān and Sunnah based on the understanding of the pious predecessors (the salaf-us-sālih). 

The Masjid endeavors to educate the youth about their religion and fosters an inclusive environment of brotherhood and community spirit. As the messenger peace be upon him said,

“Treat the people as you love to be treated”.

The Masjid aims to promote harmony and understanding between its neighbors and the local communities by displaying the good morals commanded by Islam and by opposing any form of extremism and partisanship.

Assets & Properties

  1. Masjid Tawheed is a non-profit religious organization (501c) and an Islamic waqf for the Muslims in the Metro Atlanta area. This waqf includes all the Masjid’s assets – both tangible and intangible, be they property or financial. 

  2. Masjid Tawheed was established, organized and maintained, after Allāh, through a collective and communal effort; therefore, no specific group, ethnicity or an individual can lay claim to ownership or use of the Masjid’s properties or assets for profit or personal interest.

  3. In the case of dissolvement, all properties and assets can only be made at disposal to another Masjid 501(c)(3) that follows the correct Aqīdah and Manhaj.

  4. No individual alone should have control over the Masjid properties or financial accounts, transactions, and records.

  5. No administration member or an employee of the Masjid should be part of any collection or receive cash donation on be behalf of the Masjjid; rather he will refer it to the financial collection team.

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